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Passion for fashion. Healing and cure by energy of Natural gemstone

Fine gemstones can inspire any souls

We are natural gemstone specialist. We source rough gemstone around the world and facet by professionalist. All gemstones are cut carfully because we need to deliver to your hand in perfect conditions. Whether you are loose gemstone merchant, gemstone retail or gemstone collectore, we offer the natural gemstone and jewelries that make by natural material only.

We base at Thailand, the source of one of the world’s most exciting gem producing areas we are in the enviable position to be able to select out the very best rough crystals as they come out of the mines. Everyday a lot of natural rough gemstone and material flow in and our business a lot. This is why we can offer such exquisite, fine, selected gemstones to you at such an exceptional price.
With over 20 years experience in rough and facet gemstone and jewelry business, we promise we will take care and give the information by knowledge honestly.

Zoultier.com is built on a unique idea, that everybody can own high quality gemstones by touchable price. Thailand is the place which can supply several kinds of gemstone immensely. But many people can not occupy them because of the price and the way to find natural gemstone. So we think if we can have the great gemstone, that means everyone also. And we beleive that the gemstone which is appropiated to make the jewelry, it should glisten completely.

We have many reasons that you can trust us.

- You don't have any risk of payment because all payment transaction we offer any ways that secure strongly.

- Committed to customer satisfaction.

- Gemological certification on request.

- Fluent English customer support.

- 24 Hours guaranteed support response.

- Talk to the seller directly.

- Many option of shipment that you can choose the Shipment service you prefer or trust.

- 100% Satisfaction guaranteed because all products we do not use the stock photo. So you can trust you will get what you see. For more trustable, you can check our feedback that other people rate us when deals has been finished.

At last, we hope we will have at least one chance to know you. Thank you for coming our store.