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Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope. The name Heliotrope is derived from the Greek words meaning "sun" and "turning" because of a notion that when the stone is immersed in water it would turn the sun red. Polished stones were escribed as reflecting the sun.

The more common name of Bloodstone was derived by the stone's appearance; usually a very dark green with splotches or veins of red resembling droplets of blood.

In the Middle Ages, special powers were attributed to Bloodstone because it was believed to have been formed when some drops of Jesus' blood fell and stained some Jasper at the foot of the cross. From that time on, Bloodstone was used in sculptures representing flagellation and martyrdom, leading it to be dubbed "The Martyr's Stone."

Bloodstone is believed to have great healing powers, the stones were crushed into powder and mixed with honey and egg whites; a conconction believed to cure tumors and to stop bleeding. Alchemists used Bloodstone to cure blood poisoning as well as draw out the poison from venomous snakebites.

A beautiful example of carved bloodstone with the seal of the German Emperor Rudolf II can be seen at the Louvre museum in Paris.

A person carrying bloodstone, it was believed, could stop bleeding and hemmoraging when healing others, and in himself. Because Bloodstone was believed to be a very magickal stone, in ancient times Bloodstone was thought to have the ability to stop hemorrhages by merely touching the stone. Ancient warriors often carried a Bloodstone amulet which was intended to stop the bleeding when applied to a wound.

Engraved Bloodstone was used by the Babylonians in divination, and both they and the ancient Egyptians used it to magickally defeat enemies, usually by employing the Bloodstone's abilities to increase personal strength and yet make one "invisible" when they wanted attention focused strategically elsewhere.

The Leyden Papyrus declared that "The world has no greater thing than Bloodstone," it opens all doors for its owner, breaks down the walls of prisons and averts many disasters. Also known as a Mother Goddess stone, Bloodstone is associated with images of Isis and Horus and the Black Madonna.

The Greeks and Romans wore bloodstone to gain endurance during athletic endeavors and to secure favor of those in power to bring renown to themselves.

The later Gnostics believed that Bloodstone prolonged life and brought untold wealth.

Bloodstone is used in weather magick. It can also be a good charm for athletes who require added strength. Bloodstone can be used to dispel bewilderment and clarify obscure thought, allowing you to recognize the beneficial aspects of "turmoil prior to perfection."

Astrological : Pisces and Aries


Traditionally Bloodstone is told to have the power of prediction future events, by causing meteorological extremes which are meant to announce the forthcoming event.  It is told that Bloodstone's power may be enhanced by placing it in water and putting that water into direct sunlight.

Bloodstone is said to help with calming, particularly in survival situations. It brings mystical energies of increasing adaptability and organization, and lessening confusion and anxiety.


Bloodstone helps with cleansing of the blood and any organ related/connected with the blood. It can detoxify the body in general.  It is an excellent stone for healing which initiates renewal on most all level. Bloodstone works in overcoming depression and emotionally caused pain.

Bloodstone is an intense healing stone and a “stone of courage”.  It also provides one with the centering and grounding energy of the heart and is conducive to balancing the total body in order to help one overcome any distress and anxiety that is associated with the re-alignment of these energies.  The message that lies within bloodstone is to “be here now”.  It grants one the mastery of renewal - for renewal of the physical, mental and emotional.  It also provides for the revitalization of love, relationships and friendships.

Bloodstone helps one to demonstrate unselfishness and idealism, to improve ones talents and abilities, to enhance creative efforts, and to support the decision-making process.

Bloodstone has been used in accessing the principles of mysticism, providing for insight into the immediate spiritual intuition of truth, which transcends ordinary understanding.

Bloodstone has been used in the treatment of the spleen and to purify the blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines and liver.

Bloodstone can neutralize the toxins within the body and can provide for elimination of the same.  It has also been used in the treatment of leukemia and to stabilize, balance and increase or decrease, as necessary, the flow of blood.

Bloodstone has aided in the rectification of failing eyesight, lung congestion, and rashes.

Even today, finely powdered bloodstone is used as a medicine and aphrodisiac in India. Perhaps that explains why today it is difficult to find fine specimens of bloodstone on the market.

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