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Citrine gets its name from the French word for lemon or yellow "citrin". Citrine is any quartz crystal or cluster that is yellow or orange in color.

Although often cut as a gemstone it is actually somewhat rare in nature. Most citrine on the market is actually treated lower grade amethyst or smoky quartz. The citrines found in nature generally have a paler yellow color than those that are actually treated amethyst which have more of an orange or reddish color. One popular stone on the market is ametrine which is a mixture of half amethyst and half citrine.

The Greeks and Romans used citrine for intaglios and cabochons during the first and second centuries. The gemstone has a long history of being worn as a protective talisman and used for medical purposes; it is believed to aid digestion and cleanse toxins from the body. To some citrine represents lightheartedness and joy. It is given as a symbol of hope, youth, health, and fidelity.

The Celtic people of Scotland call the dark citrine crystals Morion and Cairngorm. Citrine was used in Rome as engraved figurines given as gifts. Citrine has been given other names in other cultures including the merchant stone or the golden stone of wealth. Dark citrine has been call ox blood. Natural citrine tends to be a very pale yellow.

Astrological : Gemini, Aries, Libra and Leo

Birthstone for the month of November


Citrine is one of two minerals on the planet that does not hold or accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, working out problems on both the physical and subtle levels.

Citrine helps build a bridge between higher and lower consciousnesses. It transmutes fear, stimulates openess, and accelerates the opening of the mind.

Citrine is used in meditation is helps unblock subconscious fears and serves as a natural relaxant.

Citrine is used when meditating to find a new purpose or sense of direction and to rebuild the structure of your earthly life. It is aligned with the solar plexus and should be placed at that chakra point for the most beneficial results.

Citrine is used properly it balances the yin/yang, attracts self-worth, dissolves emotional blocks and induces dreams.

Citrine is said to bring wealth when placed in a cash box, wallet, or purse. It attracts sales and helps bring succes to businesses when placed near the door and in the register.


Citrine helps in the normal functioning of the digestive system and keeps it clean and healthy. It brings peace of mind and keeps a person happy and content. Citrine helps with diabetes, constipation and blood circulation. It also helps with thyroid.

Apart from the above mentioned qualities, citrine enhances the financial position of a person and helps him excel in his career. It also provides positive results to people who want to start a new business. Citrine develops confidence and makes available all the things needed to excel in a career. Citrine brings clarity of thoughts so that a person can even take the most difficult of decisions with an ease.

Citrine aids in digestion and promotes the circulation of the blood.  It has been used in the treatment of degenerative disorders and to facilitate the diminishment of growths.  Citrine has also been used to increase visual abilities, balance the thyroid, activate the thymus and eliminate nightmares that disturb ones sleep.

Citrine rough and facet stone