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Pearl is a hard object produced within the soft tissue (specifically the mantle) of a living shelled mollusk, usually a conch. Just like the shell of a mollusk, a pearl is made up of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, which has been deposited in concentric layers.

The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth, but many other shapes of pearls (baroque pearls) occur. The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries, and because of this, the word pearl has become a metaphor for something very rare, fine, admirable, and valuable.

Basically there are two types of pearls : natural and cultivated.

Natural pearls are much more expensive and are considered to be superior to cultivated pearls for both external, cosmetic use, and for internal, nutritional use. The natural pearls used in herbalism are very small. The smaller the pearl, the more potent and effective the pearl is as an herb. Some pearls are not much larger than a grain of salt. These very small pearls, which are softer, can be easily crushed and ground into very fine powder which can be absorbed with relatively high efficiency by the digestive tract. Natural pearls have more magnesium carbonate than cultured pearls.

Cultivated pearls are not considered to be of the same herbal quality as natural pearls. They tend to be large and difficult to grind into fine powder. However, over the last decade a new technology has been developed in China whereby the cultivated pearls are "hydrolyzed." Through modern advanced biochemical technology, pearl can now be made virtually totally water soluble. Cultured pearls have more calcium carbonate than natural pearls.

Hydrolyzed pearl powder, which is pearl that has been broken down for easy and complete absorption, has been shown in China to help the growth of children's teeth and bones and to improve children's intelligence. Hydrolyzed pearl has also been shown to be beneficial for habitual constipation, acting quickly, gently and effectively. Studies indicate that hydrolyzed pearl can lower blood pressure, increase endurance, and can prevent osteoporosis and various cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies indicate that hydrolyzed pearl is effective in healing inflammation of the uterus. The solubility rate of this hydrolyzed pearl is 98%, and of this, studies have shown that 95% is absorbed into the blood stream through the digestive tract. This ability to absorb is approximately four times the bio-availability of normal ground pearl, and double that of the finest ground natural pearl. This increased bio-availability and the enormous reduction in cost makes the hydrolyzed pearl an extraordinary value.

Pearls Historically symbolic of purity, innocence and faith, pearls enhance personal integrity and help clear the mind so that it can be a clean channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance. They were once thought to be the tears of gods.

A pearl necklace worn four thousand years ago by the Persian queen Achemenid can still be admired today. The pearl jewelry of the Queen of Sheba has become legendary. It has been told that Cleopatra served wind with ground pearls in it to her more important guests. In the Bible (Job 28:18) it says "The price of wisdom is above pearls". And Lucifer is said to have broken his teeth due to his craving for pearls. Pearls are from the marine animal kingdom, but most often they are considered precious stones.

Birthstone of the month : June

Astrological : Cancer and Capricorn


These Moon and Water ruled "gems" enhance sincerely, truth and loyalty. They bring centering and a calming reflection, as well as attune the wearer to the ebb and flow of life.  They are told to give purity, promote faith, charity and integrity, especially personal integrity. Due to its watery and lunar elements, it is quite balancing for the emotions, especially to water signs.

In tune with emotions, water, and women, especially pregnant women, pearls are a symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence and faith. Because it is from the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, therefore it is used for balancing emotions, especially for water signs.

Pearls help one connect with the Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy. They are absorbing by nature and because of this they must be used with caution.  If you feel excessively negative while wearing a pearl, it will hold that energy until it is cleansed.

Being that a pearl is created by layer upon layer of substance produced to counteract is very nurturing. If used properly, it can lessen stress and it's resulting maladies, such as hypertension, headaches, and exhaustion.

Pearl can cool and soothe. It is very nurturing. If using peals with other gemstones consider diamonds to amplify and purify, or emeralds to bring the negative energy out and disperse it.  Cleanse often to allow to recharge.

Recommended for occupations as varied as artists, chiropractors, and farmers. Pearl is a cold and independent mineral, which is used, ironically at the Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral/Spleen Chakra, to stimulate the heart, liver and emotional issues, digestion, immunity weakness and emotional stress. Pearls are mentally stabilizing, generate beautiful skin and clear toxins. Divers wear pearls for shark protection.


Pearl is a very special "herbal substance" used in Traditional Chinese Medicine since ancient times.

Chinese medical texts credit pearl with the ability to relieve uneasiness of the heart and mind, to benefit reproduction, to relieve "wandering arthritis," to relieve internal fever, to clear sputum, to remove visual obstacles and improve eyesight, to promote muscle development and to invigorate blood circulation.

Powdered pearl is used as a Shen tonic to stabilize the emotions, resolves fright, ease frustration and anger, brighten the eyes and help regenerate tissue.

Pearls can relieve uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension.

Pearls promotes sound sleep, prevents nerve-disorders and nerve weakness, and are commonly used to prevent or overcome fatigue.

Pearls are also used as a major beauty tonic, because it is believed that oral consumption of Pearl powder results in lustrous, pure, beautiful skin.

Pearls are in the medical arsenal of every acupuncturist and herbalist, even today.

Other common names for pearl include Mother of pearl. Its pharmaceutical latin name is "Margarita" and the Pinyin name is Zhen Zhu.

Pearl is not just a mineral. It contains dozens of amino acid (eight of the amino acids are "essential," in other words, cannot be produced in the body but are required for health), and dozens of minerals, including: calcium, magnesium zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon, titanium.

Pearl contains calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium phosphate, ferric oxide, silica. Various components in pearl participate in DNA and RNA metabolic activities, and thus can promote and accelerate cell renewal.

Mucopolysaccharides in Margarita have been shown to prevent wrinkling and to increase libido and sexual potency in humans.

Pearl powder is used topically in skin creams to purify the skin.

The best pearls, for herbal purposes, are sea water pearls that come from cold northern waters. The smaller the pearls, the more powerful their effect.

The components in pearl powder help heal blemishes and maintain the health of the skin by participating in the metabolic activities of the skin.

Pearls promote the regeneration of new cells and makes the skin smooth, fine, elastic and naturally beautiful.

High quality pearl powder can promote the activities of the important natural antioxidant enzyme, SOD, and can help prevent the development of melanin, which causes freckles and dark patches on the skin. It can help prevent the skin from becoming old looking, wrinkled and sagging. This is partly due to its stimulation of SOD activity and partly due to other capacities and nutrients.

Consistent use of pearl powder can eliminate blemishes such as colored spots and even pimples and boils.

Constant use can help assure that the skin will age much more slowly and that it will not be easily harmed by either time or the elements. Pearl is one of the great secrets of the most beautiful women of the Orient.

It is told that drinking pearl water regularly over a long period of time will stabilize the production of hormones in the body.

Chronic headaches and migraines may be alleviated or completely cured by wearing a pearl necklace directly on the skin.

Pearls also help to reduce allergies.  They are said to help in the treatment of stomachaches, colds, bronchitis and lung infections.