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Scapolite is from the Greek words "scapos", which means rod, and lithos, which means stone. Natural Scapolite crystals often looks stick-like, hence the name.

Scapolite is a mineral group of marialite or meionite, only testing can determine the exact species.

Several names have been given to Scapolites in the past but have now been discarded: wernerite was the former group name, and dipyre and mizzonite were names for intermediate members of the group.

Marialite was named in 1866 by the German mineralogist vom Rath for his wife Maria.

Meionite was named in 1801 by French mineralogist Rene Just Hauy.

Scapolite's word is derived from the Greek word meion, meaning “less,” alluding to its pyramidal faces, which are less steep than those of vesuvianite, with which this mineral is sometimes confused.

Astrological : Taurus


Scapolite is known as a stone of problem solving and achievement. It is said to help find elegant solutions to problems, make changes in one's life, and bring inspiration and strength of purpose.

Use Scapolite mystically for bringing energies of breaking old patterns of sabotaging self and bringing acceptance of success. In this way, Scapolite is a stone of success too.

Spiritually, Scapolite is said to bring peace of mind and calm debilitating emotions. Intuitives use Scapolite on computers, TV's and other electronic equipment to absorb and negate EMF emissions.


Scapolite crystals are strong and deep, going into the lower Chakras (unusual) as well as on up to the heart energy.

Scapolite is wonderful for healing and enlarging the veins and arteries in the body and helps us to be rational when under stress.

Most Yellow Scapolite is very one dimensional in that is soothes and calms and opens veins and arteries only.

Most Scapolite has a soothing gentle matte finish (Morocco), but these crystals from Tanzania are actually stronger and have more power, red energy too. Very very energetic.

Scapolite is helpful for eyesight; mental clarity; glaucoma; cateracts; tension and pain in shoulders, neck, upper chest, and head; bone disorders; calcium assimilation; recovery from surgery; arthritis pain; and emotional chaos. Spiritual healers also use Scapolite to draw out pain.

Scapolite rough and facet stone