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The name Zircon is believed to of been derived from the Persian word 'zargun' which means “gold-colored”. Zircon is however a beautiful natural gemstone that can be found in various colors.

An interesting fact about Zircon is that geologists can determine how long a certain stone has existed by using modern analytical techniques. This is possible because Zircon crystals accumulate atoms of Uranium which decay to lead at a known rate.

Zircon is so far the oldest mineral known to man, with the oldest specimens to date being found in Western Australia (4.404 billion years old), and Chile (4.6 billion years old).

Colorless Zircon specimens have long been a popular substitute for diamonds. This is because of Zircon's high refractive index, luster, and light dispersion. Today Zircon is often overlooked, probably due to its name being similar to the synthetic, man-made Cubic Zirconia, also a diamond substitute.

In the middle ages, Zircon was believed to aid sleep, promote honor, and to bring prosperity and wisdom to its wearer.

Zircon was available in Greece and Italy as far back as the sixth century c.e. However, the earlier Hindu writing list Zircon as one of the many gemstone on the Kalpa Tree of their religion; green Zircon was this mystical tree's foliage, or so the story is told.

In antiquity, the Zircon was often called Hyacinth or Jacinth, the legend tells of a mythological character named Hyacinthus, a youth accidentally slain my Apollo who was jealous of the young man's beauty. This blood produced thy hyacinth flower, whose beauty is said to be reflected in the red Zircon.

The red Zircon or hyacinth was believed to drive away evil spirits and nightmares, protect it's wearer from enchantment and lightning.

Astrological : Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius

Birthstone for the Month : December


A stone of quiet vibrations, Zircon enables one to be at peach with oneself.  A stone of great purity, it can create unity with the Higher Self and spirit guides.

Brown Zircon heals headaches and is grounding.

Colorless Zircon (clear or white) - a magical substitution for diamond, it is worn for protection. Use it for clear thinking and to promote the mental processes.  And this Zircon color can clears the aura.

Colorless and yellow Zircon (jargon, jargoon, ligure) - wear this to increase sexual energy or to attract love. Carry to drive away depression, to increase alertness and for business success. And it will clear the entire aura, bring sleep and give wisdom in stressful times, may also attract love.

Red Zircon (hyacinth) - this stone will increase riches if worn or used in such rituals. It will also guard against injuries.  A protective stone, it vitalizes the body, lends energy in times of physical stress and heals. Worn, it will draw pain from the body. And it can heals injuries, soothes pains and is especially helpful with ear infections.

Green Zircon helps one open up to make new friends and draws wealth

Light blue Zircon balances, uplifts, stabilizes the mind and emotions

Pink Zircon will assist in astral travel at night during sleep

Violet Zircon is a money magnet

Orange Zircon (jacinth, hyacinth) -  wear to increase beauty and to still fears and jealousy, carried during travel it guards against injury.  Worn or place in the home, it safeguards against theft; so keep an orange Zircon with valuable.  Set in gold, it is doubly powerful.

Brown Zircon (malacon) - sued fro grounding and centering, it is also employed in wealth and money spells.


Zircon symbolizes healing, and has a wide range of healing applications.

Zircon has an anti-spasmodic effect on the liver and gall bladder, Zircon has a calming effect on asthma and allergies, and has a beneficial effect on lunch, bronchial, cold and general respiratory problems.

Zircon helps it's wearer to overcome loses, heals mental disturbances and promotes common sense.

Zircon should be placed in dry sea salt once a month where it discharges and recharges at the same time.