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Sugilite (also known as luvulite) was named for its discoverer, Professor Ken-ichi Sugi, a Japanese petrologist. He first discovered tiny crystals of the mineral in 1944. The location of this first discovery was the Iwagi Islet in Southwestern Japan.

“Grape Jelly Purple,” is how the color of this gem is described. In spite of the popularity of that food in the US, the gem isn’t very popular among consumers. Even sophisticated gem shoppers ignore this beautiful gem. Most sugilite sales are in Asia, very few in North America.

The original Japanese materials were just tiny, yellow crystals with no gem value. In 1955 some dark pink crystals were found in India’s Central Province that were also identified as Sugilite. However, there were not cuttable either.

In 1975 a thin seam of Sugilite was found in a core-drill sample from a manganese mine, near Hotazel, South Africa. This material had enough manganese content to give it the deep purple coloring the gem is famous for. The deposit was small, but significant because it is the source of the first gem grade sugilite.

Exploratory mining continued and four years later a commercial sized deposit was found. It is estimated to contain as much as ten to twenty tons of sugilite. However, the deposit is 3,200 feet below the surface! With that technical limitation, combined with a small demand, most of it is still in the ground. What does come out has a high price for an opaque gem material, simply due to the difficulty of removing it from such a great depth.

So far, this is the only known deposit of gem grade sugilite. About half of it has the deep purple coloring that is considered gem grade. While almost all of it is opaque, a very tiny percentage, maybe 1/10 of 1% is translucent. Needless to say, this translucent, “Sugilite Gel” is extremely rare, expensive and highly prized.

When grading sugilite, the most important factor is its color with the deepest color recieving the highest grade. On close inspection you will see that the mineral is mottled. This does not effect the value, provided the overall color remains deep. If there are lighter areas, mixed in with the dark purple, then the value does begin to decline.


Sugilite is considered one of the most important love stones. It represents spiritual love and wisdom – opening and aligning all the chakras to love with its beautiful purple rays.

Sugilite clears your body and aura of the unwanted energies that interfere with health and healing. In the course of living, your physical and subtle bodies naturally accumulate clouds of useless energies that block the flow of life force throughout your entire being. Sugilite eliminates these harmful energies and clears the path for more life force to heal and vitalize you. In this way, it can support the healing of virtually any illness.

Sugilite helps in understanding negative circumstance by showing one what is happening, and how it is out of balance. Excellent tool for mediation exercises to bring the mind and spirit back into attunement.

Sugilite assists in connecting the physical to the spiritual, it aids in understanding the spiritual reasons for the lessons we encounter, as well as bringing loving comfort from the Universe to accept the lessons for what they truly are. Sugilite will help us to follow our dreams and to become our higher selves. It enhances belief in ourselves, and negates feelings of lack, anger, pain, and other unwanted energies.

Sugilite opens the mind and subconscious to higher influences. It is a very powerful channeling stone, and will aid in using one's psychic powers.

The vibrational energies of sugilite are best utilized by wearing small stones in jewelry. This gives a constant flow of the stones magical qualities directly into the aura. However if you are not greatly interested in spiritual goals, you may wish to bypass this stone all together, as it is quite powerful.


Sugilite is used by healers for dyslexia, pain relief, motor disfunction. Light colored sugilite is used to purify lymph and blood.

Sugilite rough and facet stone