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Historical Information

Tugtupite (reindeer stone) is a member of the sodalite group that also includes Hackmanite Hauyne and Lazulite.

Tugupite was discovered by European geologists  in Tugtup agtakorfia Tungdiarfik, Greenland in 1962, actually the Greenlandic Inuit knew this mineral since centuries. Tugtupite is also know as Reindeer Stone because Tugtup means reindeer, Their named is according to the reindeer (“utu”) blood.

Tugtupite is found in  kitaa provide, Greenland and Penisula Russia.


For ages, the Inuit of Greenland have understood the power of Tugtupite. Legend has it that lovers can cause the stone to glow fiery red just from the heat of their romance. The brilliance and vibrant colors announce the intensity of their love.

Tugtupite is said to be an emotional stone. And some lore is said to protect one from negative energy of many kinds by wearing or carrying the stone, and it is often sought after for this shielding property. Tugtupite is said to be helpful in removing energy blockages and clearing ones aura; it is reputed to strengthen romantic relationships, and to expand the love and sexual experience.

Tugtupite is a stone of the deepest energy of the heart chakra, its vibration ca re-awaken lost passion and forgotten love.

As Tugtupite opens the floodgates of the heart, the upper chakras receive the rising tide of energy, opened and energized.

Tugtupite can lead the harmonious and integrated functioning of the third eye, throat and crown chakras, in whick all are enlivened and there is a joy and heightened awareness coursing throughout ones emotional and mental body’s.


Physically Tugtupite is used in general healing, purifying blood, to stimulate hormone production and increase fertility. it is said to assist one in overcoming bouts of depression also.