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Historical Information

Hemimorphite was recognized as a mineral species in 1832 and was originally known as “calamine.”  In the 1930s, it received its current name, which consists of the root works “hemi-,” from the Greek hemi, or “half,” and “morph,” from the Greek morphe, meaning “form,” and literally means “half form,” alluding to its Hemimorphite tendency to form asymmetrical opposite crystal terminations.  Although uncommon, Hemimorphite occurs in small quantities at most oxidized zinc deposits.

Notable collecting localities are in China, Australia, Italy, England, Greece, Mexico, Namibia and the United States (Montana, New Mexico, Idaho, New Mexico, New Jersey).

Hemimorphitee is the astrological sign for Sagittarius.

Metaphysical Properties

Hemimorphite is a stone that helps one attain a positive self-image including self-esteem and self-respect. Hemimorphite assists in personal growth on all levels, and helps one evolve and transform in healthy ways.

Hemimorphite is a stone that bring joy and creativity to one's life.

For crystal healing, Hemimorphite is an excellent stone that can bring strong but gentle healing energy as well as assisting the healer in accessing ancient healing techniques. Hemimorphite is sometimes used for protection from malice and poisoning. Additionally, Hemimorphite brings good fortune and good luck.

Hemimorphite opens & clears the higher chakras by stimulating the third eye and crown chakras.  It calms the emotional body.  It is a powerful stone for forgiveness, release of anger and resentment and healing of karmic ties between people. Hemimorphite is useful for maintaining a balanced, positive outlook when experiencing hormonal shifts in the body.

Blue Hemimorphite aids in communication of inner feelings toward healing unhealthy or damaged relationships. It is also used to encourage compassion, develop the ability to connect with the 'other side' and angelic beings, increase psychic or vision abilities, develop inner strength and excellent for energy in completing projects through to the end.

Hemimorphite is associated with the heart chakra and throat chakra.

Healing Properties

Hemimorphite is great for regaining or maintaining healing and is particularly healing for pain relief, ulcers, blood diseases, cellular disease or disorder.