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Historical Information

The name Petalite is from the Greek “petalos” meaning “leaf” in regard to it’s perfect basal cleavage. The name for the crystal that Petalite is cut from is Castorite, named after Castor. Castor and Pollux were heavenly twins and brothers of Helen of Troy from Greek mythology.

Petalite was discovered in 1800, type locality: Utö Island, Haninge, Stockholm, Sweden.

Petalite is a fairly rare stone that occurs in a variety of colors including white, gray, colorless, pink and yellow.

Petalite is found in Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Namibia and Afghanistan.

Petalite is the astrological sign for Capricorn.

Metaphysical Properties

Petalite "The Dispeller" is a strong crystal utilized in repelling negative energies. It assists the body in remaining firm and grounded in a harmonic frequency. Petalite effectively balances yin and yang energies to avoid the results of imbalance in the system.

These properties have made Petalite synonymous with being a protective stone. In this case the protection is gained by keeping your body out of lower vibratory non harmonic phases.

Petalite is sometimes called the "Stone of the Angels". It is excellent for spiritual healing. It also encourages and promotes connections to angels, spirit guides and totems. It is said to lift one to higher awareness and allow access to higher dimensions. It has been used to protect Shamans during ceremonies such as medicine wheels.

Petalite is extremely useful for astral travel and meditation because it will ground and protect you during these activities.

Petalite will also dissipate and remove negative energy and black magic spells.

Petalite is also a stone of peace that can bring gentle calm in most any situation. It is also great at enhancing and increasing intuition and psychic abilities, and increases one's ability to feel subtle energies.

Petalite balances yin/yang energies and aligns and balances mind/body/spirit.

Petalite may be called "the stone of intent;" it is said to be used by crystal mystics to connect with Angelic Realms and Spiritual Guides. It helps to enhance and smooth out ones aura. Someone say it is "magical" stone because it can enhances inner serenity. This stone is a good healer on many levels, a calming and grounding stone with a high Lithium content.

This is a vision stone. Petalite emits profound peace and joy. Placed on the third eye during meditation, it brings about relaxation, quietening the mind for inner exploration.

Petalite uplifts with a soft, balanced energy. This is an excellent stone to carry throughout the day if you are flighty, dispersed or scattered. It promotes a calm, centered view of your world.

Petalite is a lithium-rich feldspathoid, and a catalyst to spiritual connectedness, it enhances Angel communication. With this crystal higher realms can be reached during meditation.