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Historical Information

Phosphophyllite’s name derives from its chemical composition (phosphate) and the Greek word for "leaf", phyllon, a reference to its cleavage. This stone was discovered in 1920. The nickname of this stone is “holy grail of minerals”.
Phosphophyllite is an uncommon mineral found as a secondary mineral in granite pegmatites, as an alteration mineral after sphalerite and iron-manganese phosphates, and in hydrothermal vein deposits.
Phosphophyllite is among the rarest of gem-stones, and it is highly prized by collectors. The crystals, that are prismatic or having a thick, tabular habit, vary from colorless to deep bluish green, but the very best specimens really are a very delicate bluish green. Nevertheless, Phosphophyllite is rarely cut, since the material is brittle and fragile, and large crystals are extremely valuable to become split up.
Phosphophyllite and gems are among the hardest to obtain and most expensive.
The best crystals of Phosphophyllite, and the only real ones to become faceted, are from Bolivia. Other localities include Germany, Sweden,  the United States, Australia, and Zambia.

Metaphysical Properties

Phosphophyllite accelerates nearly all modalities of healing by providing some shifts within the consciousness of the individual. The capacity to break down old patterns, to gradually find a pattern that fits better, and to install it, to work with it more consciously is specifically aided by Phosphophyllite.
At the higher vibrational level, Phosphophyllite gives an individual a much larger perspective on their life, seeing things from other points of view, with an ability to integrate it in other ways. But specifically, Phosphophyllite will enable blocks to be seen in their proper perspective: why a person might have put those energies there, what the energy of a contextual shift that might be necessary to change things.
This elixir, Phosphophyllite, will be used by both the client and the healer in such work, because sometimes the healer will have new ideas, new patterns showing up about the client, that can be expressed or shared. Sometimes the client will be able to bring energies and ideas back to the healer.
Phosphophyllite crystals accelerate all levels of healing by providing some shifts within the consciousness of the individual. This stone has the capacity to break down old patterns and habits, to gradually find a pattern that fits. A super Powerful Magical and Heang Crystal Fits nicely in the palm of the hand.
All crystals should be cleansed once received by simply running under cold water. Crystals may be charged under the sunlight or moon light.