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Historical Information

Enstatite is named from the Greek word ‘Enstate’ which means ingredient and component of something because of it’s high melting point.

Enstatite was first founded in 1855 by G.A.Kenngott. It is the fossil of pyroxene group. Since this stone is broken onto two opposite facing parts, it is a hard stone and thus it cannot be turned into liquid easily. The stone’s visual resembles the emerald.

In India, Enstatite is found in the area of Missouri where it is popular in dark brown color because of its extraordinary qualities and specialities. Enstatite is never available in abundance at one place and normal people are not quite aware of these facts and thus, the complete information about it is not known to many.

This gemstone’s maximum demand is regarded in the form of chrom Enstatite which resembles the qualities of dark green emerald. This gemstone is found in the middle of hard rocked surfaces and which have a relation with fire.

Enstatite is mostly popular among the people who collect gemstones and thus it is not too popular in the category of usage of gemstones in the making of jewelry. This gemstone is mostly liked in dark brown color which resembles the color of the earth and this is the only reason why it is sometimes used for making jewelry.

Enstatite is found in many locations worldwide but only a few produce gem quality crystals. Two of the best known locations are Embilipituya, Sri Lanka and Mbeya, Tanzania. Enstatite is also commonly found in stony and iron meteorites.

Metaphysical Properties

Enstatite has been said to be a stone that promotes and offers competitiveness, ambition, desire and strength to the wearer. Called “the stone of chivalry”, Enstatite is believed to emit braveness and abolish fear. In addition to this, Enstatite helps the wearer be more direct and straight forward with loved ones.

Enstatite generates the feelings of trust and belief in the person who wears this gemstone. It even increases the belief in surrender, increases memory, consolidates the energy levels and makes a person vivid. Along with this, it improves the bad mood of a person and helps to improve the physical capabilities of the person. The person who wears Enstatite also gets help in recognizing his capabilities and helps to open up the main organs of a human being’s body and soul. Rationale, clarity of mind, accuracy, orderly and discipline can all be consolidated into a person who wears this stone.

Enstatite is considered to be courageous and a symbol of civilization and politeness. It is also believed that this gemstone makes its bearer more courageous and outspoken and never lets a person produce pretense in relationships.

Enstatite crystals are believed to recharge energy flow within the subtle body, opening and balancing all the chakras. It is also said to have a mood-lifting and antidepressant effect.

Enstatite is a wonderful crystal for chakra healing and meditation. It is said to balance and open the chakras, recharging the energy flow.