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Historical Information

Benitoite is named after San Benito County, California, USA where it was discovered.

Benitoite is a somewhat obscure, but wonderful gemstone mineral that was only discovered at the beginning of this century. Benitoite was first described in 1907 by George D. Louderback, who named it Benitoite for its occurrence near the headwaters of the San Benito River in San Benito County, California. It has a sapphire blue color and was first thought to be a variety of sapphire.

In 1907, two oil prospectors named L.B Hawkins and Jim Couch came across a blue gem that was initially thought to be a type of Sapphire. They had sent samples of the stone to George Louderback, a professor of mineralogy at the University of California at Berkley, hoping to gain a better understanding of their amazing discovery. Nearly a year later and after extensive x-ray studies, Louderback announced that a new mineral had been found. Decades later in 1985 Benitoite was announced California's official state gemstone.

Benitoite is the only gem known in its crystal class. Its beautiful triangular crystals were predicted mathematically before any material in that class was ever found. The cut stones are brilliant blue, from colorless to deep blue and full of fire, since dispersion is only slightly less, equal to, or slightly higher than diamond. In recent years a few pink Benitoite have been faceted. Hardness is satisfactory at 6.5, but it requires some care in setting and wearing it. Stone sizes are small, as only tips of crystals are gemmy. Gems much over one carat are uncommon and only about five a year are over two carats.

Benitoite is the astrological sign for Pisces.

Metaphysical Properties

Benitoite is a rare and a powerful gemstone. It is considered favorable for the high level of communication .The media quality of a person increases holding this gemstone. The person with this stone can feel a connection with supernatural powers in a convenient way. It connects the human minds by playing the role of driving telepathy.

With Benitoite a person can establish a relationship with subtle folk and helps in the development of human power . It provides happiness and enlightens the destiny of the holder. It beautifies the human mind in all aspects of body, emotions, and brains and gives high values in life position. It also increase the positivity in the environment

Benitoite enhances connection to the akashic records and fosters greater spiritual understanding.

Benitoite is said to emit a powerful Lemurian vibration; it is said to allow for thought transmission between two people without verbalization; is said to raise the experience of astral travel to a higher degree, a great benefactor to the well-being of ones physical, emotional, and intellectual selves, an excellent healing stone.

Benitoite has high dispersion and is very sparkly. It can helps to make one more in tune with positive ecological principles.