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Historical Information

Mineralogists recognized Astrophyllite, which was first known as “brown mica,” in 1854. The “Astrophyllite,” which was assigned later, stems from three Greek words: astron or “star,” phyllon meaning “leaf” or “sheet,” and lithos meaning “stone,” and alludes to its starburst-shaped, radiating patterns of thin, leaf-like crystals.

Collecting localities are found in Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada; Narsaq, Kitaa (West Greenland) Province, Greenland; Langesundsfjorden, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway (Type Locality); San Miguel, Azores District (Azores Islands), Portugal; Kola Peninsula, Murmanskaja Oblast', Northern Region, Russia; St. Peters Dome, El Paso County, Colorado, USA.

Astrophyllite is a rare titanium mineral that forms in beautiful radiating or star-like sheets with variable luster that can be nearly metallic in one specimen and pearly or greasy in another. Its colors range from coppery brown to bronze to reddish brown and can have bright flashes of yellow, gold, orange and red. Astrophyllite is typically opaque and therefore available only as cabochons. It takes on a very good shine and makes a beautiful gem when the plate touch with incandescence light ex sunlight and candle light.

Astrophyllite is collected for its rarity, unusual and complex chemical composition, and distinctive, radiating, starburst-shaped patterns that make interesting specimens.

Metaphysical Properties

Astrophyllite is an energetically potent stone that infuses your entire system with light. Its strong metaphysical properties for transformation assist you to recognize your purpose for being here.. as it illuminates your true self.

Astrophyllite crystal may aid you to truly love yourself, and help you to come to terms with any actions in your past that you may have difficulty fully accepting.

Once you fully know yourself you may bring this self knowledge to your life. Said to be a tranquil and honest stone... Astrophyllite gives you the ability to make major change that will move your life journey forward in a profound way.

According to modern metaphysical belief, Astrophyllite enhances confidence, intellect, and insight, while assisting one to reach their full potential by creating an awareness of limitations and obstacles that can be overcome. Astrophyllite has no technological uses.

Astrophyllite is said to be an excellent stone for facilitating out of body experiences and acts as a guide and protector in other realms; it is also said to aid one in standing outside of oneself to attain an objective view; it is said to help one see their full potential; it is said to enhance ones sensitivity to touch and the faculty of perception. Astrophyllite also helps you to be more sensitive to the unspoken needs of others.

Astrophyllite works within all chakras, as it will connect the eighth chakra... commonly called the soul star chakra with the earth star chakra. This connection between these two chakras, will activate, stimulate and align the entire chakra system, as white light flows from one end to the other.

Astrophyllite's energy at the third eye chakra, crown chakra and soul star chakra is powerful... particularly for those individuals who are walk-ins. It will allow any of you who are of extra-terrestrial origin to feel more at home here on the earth plane.

Astrophyllite is a stone of psychic protection... and helps you to navigate out of body journeys with safety. If you have psychic powers... this stone will enhance your telepathic gifts, to allow for more accurate delivery of information from the higher realms.

If you have been using Astrophyllite and wish to take it up a notch... by combining it with Moldavite this may aid you to establish your reason for being here in this lifetime... and what your specific purpose is... and how to go about achieving your purpose.

Use Astrophyllite with Tinaksite to allow you to let go of past issues that you have been holding on to... and that you feel bitter and negative about. As you begin to illuminate your inner self... you may find things within your being that you have difficulty dealing with.

The intensity of the light shining on some areas may stimulate a crisis of self... and if you find that you need aid to forgive past actions use Dioptase with Astrophyllite.

When you begin to use Astrophyllite, you may become aware that you need extra help within certain areas of the body... and in particular the starting and ending chakras may need assistance.

For extra support at the earth star chakra... use one of the spiritual grounding crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Black Andradite Garnet, Black Obsidian Stone, Dravite aka Brown Tourmaline or Smokey Quartz Crystals with Astrophyllite.

For extra aid at the soul star chakra use Aurora Quartz or Ascension Stones or some of the high crystal energy stones such as White Selenite, Scolecite, and/or Natrolite... which are all effective to use for this purpose.

By combining Astrophyllite with Moldavite, Tibetan Tektite or Aurora Quartz... which is also known as Anandalite, this has the potential to stimulate the rise of the kundalini energy and create kundalini awakening.

Healing Properties

In healing, Astrophyllite is said to be of benefit to the reproductive and hormonal systems and to help with PMS and the menopause.

Astrophylite rough and facet stone