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Maw sit sit

Historical Information

Maw sit sit also known asĀ Jade - albite or Kosmochlor - Jade. The name Kosmochlor is from the German "kosmisch", for cosmic, in allusion to its meteoritic occurrence, and the Greek "chlor", for green.

The name Maw Sit Sit is given by the local people and reminds the locality of origin near Kansi and Namshawa, N-Burma (Myanmar). Previously used names in the west were Jade-Albite or Chloromelanite.

Maw sit sit is found in the famous jade mining region of Tawmaw, Myitkyina-Mogaung District, Kachin State, northwestern Myanmar (formally Burma). It was first identified by the late Dr. Eduard Gubelin in 1963 and named after the village close by. It like the jadeite that be found in this region was formed due to high pressure metamorphism. This region lies on a plateau at an elevation of approximately 3000 feet within the Uru river drainage basin.

Maw Sit Sit has many names, AKA mawsitsit, maw-sit-sit jade, chrome-jade, kosmochlore-jade, chrome-albite, jade-albite and chloromelanite.

Metaphysical Properties

Maw sit sit is life-giving, energizing and warm, helping one find joy in life. Maw Sit Sit helps to remove negative emotions and energies, putting one on a more positive and optimistic plane.

Maw sit sit makes it easy to find joy in life. Its vibrant energy is like a breathe of fresh air that clears away the debris that builds up through our daily lives and leaves us energised. You know when you take a deep breath after running up a hill and you get to the top and there is a sense of accomplishment, good chemicals are released (like hormone Dopamine) and oxygen flows through your blood then you get a sense of its good to be alive... that is how this crystal feels.

Maw sit sit is rare and isn't easy to find, primarily because it is currently found only in that single location of Burma. Because it is so rare, it is a popular gem among collectors but is not readily available through most jewelers.

Maw Sit Sit rough and facet stone